Understanding Quarterly Billing and Shipping

To better assist with understanding Quarterly orders we have detailed the year for you to see charges and shipping.  1st Quarter Jan-March:  All order must be received before Feb 15th.  All shipments will go out btw 1-5th of March. 2nd Quarter April-June:  Orders placed btw March 16th and May 15th will receive the June box.  3rd Quarter July-Sept.: All order received btw June 15th and August 15th will recieve a September box. Final Quarter Oct-Dec:  All orders placed between September 15th to November 15th will be the December Box. ALL orders placed after November 15th will roll over to the 1st quarter box btw 1-5th of March.  Please do reach out with any questions at all www. 

Refund Policy?  

By clicking on 'Checkout', you confirm that you accept our Terms of Service (see tab); your subscription will automatically renew based on the subscription billing period. There will be no refunds once the account is purchased or renewals have been charged. 

We procure your box once you purchase or renew, this puts a month between renewals and the next box.  We do this to ensure accurate counts, as such If you do not skip or cancel prior to being charged your renewal fee you will still receive your next box and your cancellation will take affect the following renewal.


Quarterly costs are 39.99 plus shipping and handling. for our main Box. Any issues with orders, gifts, changes in subscription either size or payment plan please reach out via email at [email protected] 

How do I cancel/skip?

We understand that sometimes even happy customers have to cancel. We will be sad to see you go however if we can assist in anyway please do not hesitate to reach out.  Keep in mind as mentioned above the terms of service pertaining to refunds. Cancellations will ONLY cancel your renewal and will not initiate a refund once you have been charged. Please visit our site the to the 15th of the prior month for your next shipment.  This will allow you enough time to either "skip" a month through your account page prior to the renew or cancel.  Again to be sure please contact us if you have issues much sooner than the charge date of the 15th.

How does it work?

Subscriptions windows are the 15th last quarter until the 15th of the following quarter ( examples Dec 15th to Feb 15th - ship March OR Mar 15th to May 15th ship June).  Any new orders prior to the 15th will get a box the following month, any order after will get the following quarter shipment.  Boxes are then shipped three weeks later within the 1st week of the next month.

Another Example? If you purchase a box before the 15th of August you will be getting the September box.  Any purchases after the 15th of August will go toward the December box since it missed the cut off date for orders.   If you wish to skip a month or cancel an active subscription please do so 48-hours prior to the 15th of the month before your next shipment. 

How do I give a gift?

Simply click the link on the homepage for gift which will take you to the subscribe page, you will select shirt size or tote and then you will next select monthly, 3 months or 6 months.  On the check out screen you will see a box that says "Is this a gift" please ensure this is checked to stop auto-renewal.  If you have any issues with a gift please reachout via email at [email protected]

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