About Us

Our idea like so many others came out of a love for books and the joy and excitement that comes from getting surprises in the mail. Our niche is a little different from the many genre focused subcription book boxes out there.  Our box is a little bit booknerd and little bit British Fandom, just like we are. We're so glad you're here to share in our love for Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes; to laugh with us over Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous and Mr Bean; to swoon to the beauty and slendor of British Monarchs; to dream big with magic and faeries and dragons and King Arthur.  And if that is not enough let me tell you about my personal obsession with British Blues Rock, daring English Spy stories and chilling tales of Penny Dreadful.

So jump in and journey with us through the United Kindom's history, cuture and wonder.

Bree L May

Creative Director

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